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aisha eye surgery video
Posted by dav at 2000 October 21 02:13 AM
File under: Movies

Tonight I brought this video of my laser eye surgery to an open screening at the Artists Television Access on Valencia. This is a video which was recorded by the equipment the doctor used to perform the surgery. It's basically just my eye being held open by these Clockwork Orange gizmos while my cornea is being sliced and burned and poked. The doctors equipment did not record audio so I dubbed in a track from a Death in Vegas album. The song actually goes well with the video because the vocals are Iggy Pop talking bizarre from the point of perspective of a psychotic murderer.
A lot of sensitive people had to get up to leave during the video. Personally I don't think it's that gruesome, I just think it's funny. Some guy borrowed the video to play at a block party on Sunday. I would go to that but it's at the same time as the Burning Man Decompression party.

After the video and film screening there was an event at the CELLspace on bryant in the mission. The title of the event was State of Art and Technology in San Francisco. There were various performances almost all of which were technology driven. A lot of the stuff was related to Burning Man and dealt with robotics and fire, two great things that taste great together, but the thing that I found most interesting was a theatrical troupe that create performances based on environment and audio which are not only interactive for the audience but actually use the audience as the main conduit for the art performance. I'll have to go into this in more detail, remind me some time. The name of the troupe is Antenna Theater.

Kal from the seemen robotics group was there. I always enjoy his projects but he doesn't run me quite right. I don't really know him, so maybe he's not always drunk and obnoxious, but then again he probably is.

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