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Live Nude Girls; Unite!
Posted by dav at 2000 October 19 11:48 PM
File under: Movies

So, a couple of days ago I saw this movie at the UC Theater in Berkeley. It was called Live Nude Girls Unite and was about the strippers at the Lusty Lady in San Francisco. In fact the documentary was filmed by a couple of the dancers. The movie chronicles the ladies attempts to unionize. It is a decent film for an amateur cinematographer.

Tonight I was driving through North Beach and decided to stop and check out the Lusty Lady in person. Let me tell you about it: you walk in and are confronted by a ridiculous number of doors. Behind some of the doors are little closet like rooms with a bench and a coin operated television. Behind the other doors are the peep show booths.

The peep show booths also have a coin drop box. You insert a quarter and a partition ascends revealing a window which looks into a room with mirrors on the walls, a couple of poles, and a red carpet. There were four ladies in the room when I dropped in my quarter. They looked bored; not very lusty at all! A red light permeated throughout the room. My quarter lasted about 10 seconds.

I wanted to give the girls... I'm sorry, the ladies, the secret "go union!" sign but there probably isn't one and if there is I don't know it. Instead I took a look at the video booths. The televisions in the rooms display a computerized menu until you drop in some quarters. The menu lists the titles of the video pornography available. The titles are in this crappy white font on a blue background. It reminds me of my old commodore 64 screens back in the early 80's. When I dropped in my quarters and skipped through the channels I noticed that the menus were burned permanently into the screen. The whole thing was pretty fucking sad. All of the booths (video and peep) smelled of funk and semen.

I walked over to Cafe Prague and had a bowl of vegetable salmon chowder soup to take my mind off of that smell. I guess it worked, on the way home all I could think about was the porn burned screens.

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