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crouching tiger hidden dragon
Posted by dav at 2001 February 2 04:12 PM
File under: Movies

Once again I'm way behind here.

Since returning from the right coast I've been violently ill (apparently food poisoning), overworked and underpaid. Did squeeze in some fun time though...and a lot of Star Trek (original series). TiVo started taping it daily for me (If you don't schedule/store enough shows to fill up the hard drive, TiVo guesses what you might like based on past input and keeps the hard drive filled up) and now I'm hooked as much as I was back in the 70's. That captain kirk sure is a cheesy sumbitch. My favorites have always been spock, sulu and checkov. They've been showing all the ones I want to see too, I'm only missing Trouble with Tribbles and the one where spock mindmelds with the silicon based life form.

And on the visual media track, I got my DVD of John Woo's epic (and best film, imo) Bullet in the Head this week. I'm waiting to watch it until my bio-bro can come over.

Caught Crouching/Hidden at the Metreon, unfortunately it was already gone from the IMAX screen so I had to see it in a packed regular theater. Still a fantastic movie (in both senses of the word). Also about the only kung-fu movie you could bring your average woman to and not piss her off.

Let's see. What else... oh I rode over to Storyville Saturday night to catch my favorite local jazz(?) group Mosthumbz. Storyville is a tight spot, you should check it out. Anyhow, leaving I ran into my friends Rachel and Cesar who were heading to a private party. So I went with them and ended up talking quite a bit with a very cute and intellectual painter named Rebecca. She seemed to be giving positive signs and I was feeling pretty good, but then I started getting bad vibes from a male friend of hers. We've emailed since then and turns out the guy was just being overly protective since she was on E (and I thought I was just charming) and I was a stranger. Hopefully I can pick up the conversation with her again soon...

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