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Julia Arrested
Posted by dav at 2002 July 17 06:40 PM
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Julia "Butterfly" Hill has just been arrested down in Ecuador where she was supporting the Ecuadorian people who were protesting ecological damage that has occurred and will occur due to an oil pipeline construction project in the Amazon rainforest.

Upon arrival, the delegation was refused entrance to the meeting at which time the crowd peacefully began to protest their exclusion. Shortly thereafter the arrests were made. In some cases, police acted violently kicking community representatives, and dragging them by the hair to throw them against vehicles.

I met Julia last year at Burning Man when she stayed with my camp. I was very impressed with her wisdom, personality and beauty (inside and out) and I hope she is being treated well. I'll head down myself to help bust her out if she isn't.



I just had my eyebrows threaded and do I feel -sexy!-

Posted by: sean on July 18, 2002 11:56 AM

Update on deportation:

Julia Butterfly Hill departed Ecuador at dawn today, peacefully resisting
her deportation till the end.

As she was dragged through the Quito airport by immigration police, she
called out:

I'm being deported against my will. I was never told what Iım being
charged with. I was never once read my rights. I was shown a piece of paper
in Spanish but was refused a translator. I was refused a lawyer and the
only reason Iım being deported is because Iıve lent my solidarity to the
forests of Ecuador and the communities defending their lands and their basic
human rights.²

Earlier Julia asked:
³Why is it that transnational oil companies can come to Ecuador, invade
peopleıs lands, ravage ecosystems, and be welcomed by the Ecuadorian
government, and those who come to lend their solidarity to those impacted by
these projects are mistreated and deported?²

Julia is being deported to Panama. Ecuadorian authorities failed to arrange
for ongoing flight to USA.

Posted by: Dav on July 18, 2002 06:55 PM

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