aku-aku: v.. To move a tall, flat bottomed object (such as a bookshelf) by swiveling it alternatively on its corners in a "walking" fashion. [After the book by Thor Heyerdahl theorising the statues of Easter Island were moved in this fashion.] source: LangMaker.com. Aku Aku also has another meaning to the islanders: a spiritual guide.
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the hotdog challenge
Posted by dav at 2002 August 19 09:33 PM
File under: Thoughts

An article written by a carnivorous journalist: The Hot Dog Challenge, Can a Bloody Cow Head Put Me Off?.

He was challenged to watch the hotdog making process and then down a dog for lunch. Frankly I think a better challenge is to make your own hotdog at the plant and then eat it.

I'm somewhat of a vegetarian, I eat only seafood and plants (can't give up sushi), but I'm not rabid about it; I was a kielbasa and chick-wing loving fool up until 5 years ago. But I think that there should be some sort of Meat License that anyone over 18 needs in order to eat meat. To get one you simply have to kill an animal, prepare it, and eat it. I think eating meat is fine in theory, but people are too far removed from the process these days. If I ever go back to eating meat again I've decided that it will be by hunting and killing the animal myself.


And to complete the linkage between my comments elsewhere, here's a slightly humourous Zen Koan reference for you... (there's the essence of Zen in the Haiku)...

"a monk walks up to a side walk hot dog vendor and says...make me one, with everything"

Posted by: Gary - NZ on August 26, 2002 09:09 PM

I killed chickens and watched the slaughter of my favorite pig( I was the one assigned to fatten it up for my sis b-day). I tell you, meat taste so much better when you raise it yourself. My family in the Philippines still raise chicken and pig, I bet you, the rest of the developing nations still do it. "People" living in the west ( USA ) have the luxury to choose what they eat. I guess what I am trying to say is people here are lucky they can be a vegan or fruitarian because they can afford to. I agree that people here are so detached of how a particular food is prepared or how it went from a cow to steak.
When I made "escabeche" ( Whole fish, tail and head) some of my friends went "yuck". They've never seen a whole fish served like that, only fillet. I eat everything, hey, I'm on top of the food chain baby! Does this make sense? I'm just rambling but I guess I don't need a license to eat meat, I think most people here need one or at least educate themselves about proper diet! Too unhealthy(obese) people!!!

Posted by: liza on September 15, 2002 03:47 PM

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