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asian race topics
Posted by dav at 2002 December 1 09:58 PM
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I recently have become more aware of east asian race topics. There's the current news stories about North Korea admitting to kidnapping Japanese citizens back in the 70's (and letting them go back to Japan for a visit). Then there's my friends Sion and Elaine, a guy from Singapore dating a Chinese woman (from Shanghai by way of Michigan actually) who continue to educate me on how various asians ethnic groups view each other. And Mie just emailed me about watching some documentary about Japanese citizens who apparently were lured to North Korea after 'the war' (not sure if that's WW2 or the 1950's Korean War) and then not allowed to leave and those who escaped went through horrific ordeals.

I was trying to figure out more about the issues Mie was telling me about, because it seems to be completely different from the kidnappings in the 1970's that are in the recent news stories. I haven't really figured any of that out yet, but I ran across a website while doing a google search that seems to be a series of short articles (blogging before 'blog's existed) written by a Korean physicist. Some interesting insight into a Korean's view of Japanese culture in regards to Koreans.

For instance: Japan's TV programs now show different scenes. The other day, I watched a program in which the narrator clearly said Koreans started developing their own civilization during the first century, and the Korean culture started to go to Japan during the fifth century. The culture package included the farming technology, kitchen tools, and the eating habit. This is a big change from the scenes they used to show before 1993.

He also is very interested in more romantic Korean-Japense relations: I note that the number of Korean physicists in Japan is increasing, and many of them are reading this article in Japan. If you are in Japan, I strongly recommend that you go out with Japanese girls. If you are a woman physicist, I do not know what to say, but I trust you will do OK. Please tell me what is the most appropriate way to handle the situation like this.

Apparently he would approve of Russian women too. Seriously, this guy digs the chicks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ....and the list just keeps on going...

My favorite: come to me!


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