aku-aku: v.. To move a tall, flat bottomed object (such as a bookshelf) by swiveling it alternatively on its corners in a "walking" fashion. [After the book by Thor Heyerdahl theorising the statues of Easter Island were moved in this fashion.] source: LangMaker.com. Aku Aku also has another meaning to the islanders: a spiritual guide.
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revenge of a child
Posted by dav at 2002 December 13 05:44 PM
File under: Thoughts

An editorial written by an Israeli which attempts to exlpain the current violent events in the middle east: Revenge of a Child

An ordinary Israeli, who has never been in the Palestinian territories, cannot even imagine the reasons for this rage. Our media totally ignore the events there, or describe them in small, sweetened doses. The average Israeli knows somehow that the Palestinians suffer (itís their own fault, of course), but he has no idea whatís really happening there. It doesnít concern him, anyhow.

I visited Israel and Palestine in December of 2000, and I can tell you from experience it's a shockingly different quality of life on either side of those borders. Going over there I had no opinion whatsoever on the middle east. Frankly I could never get straight who was who and what exactly they were fighting about. I came back sympathetic to the Palestinian plight and that sympathy has only been reinforced by the research I have done since then. Nobody is right in this "conflict", and everyone has been wronged, but the Palestinians have been wronged so much more and the Israelis have the power to make it right.


That was a good article that you linked to.

Posted by: Laura on December 13, 2002 07:10 PM

Thanks, yeah I enjoyed a lot. Another interesting thing to me is how subsequent letters to the editor attacked the author as if he had attacked the palestinian viewpoint. I found the article to be one of the most Palestinian-sympathetic analyses of the situation by an Israeli.

Posted by: Dav on December 14, 2002 10:35 AM

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