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mercey hot springs: 2003 march
Posted by dav at 2003 March 26 12:01 PM
File under: Parties

I haven't been posting much lately because I am once again working 12-20 hour days for a couple of weeks now. This past weekend however, I got out of my bedroom/office/cave and away from this blasted computer in order to attend the first outdoor party of the season. From spring through autumn weekend parties are held in various places in northern California, where participants camp in secluded locations and DJs play trance music for 48-72 hours straight. I really love these parties, there's nothing better than staying up all night dancing under the stars. It's pure bliss.

This one was at Mercey Hot Springs in central valley a couple of hours southeast of San Francisco. This early in the year the rolling hills are thick with green grass so camp fires are allowed which is very nice. On a stroll through the hills I ran into a pack of two dozen horses (including four foals) that were just beautiful. I wish I would have broguht my camera. My housemate Sean took a few pictures early on, but none from when the party really started. I found some older pics online from a previous party held there last year. I was at that one too, as I try to never miss a Goa Gil party. My friend Jeff Ballentine from Atlanta came out for this one, since he was in California on a business trip. It was a bit of an introduction to the outdoor party scene for him; he is also going to attend Burning Man this year for the first time. Although I think comparing these outdoor parties to Burning Man is like comparing a frozen gourmet pizza to a nine course gourmet meal served by angels.

Incidentally, while googling for some past Mercey Hot Springs pics I ran across a pretty funny blog entry that shows two views of a party that was held there, one from a SF Chronicle journalist, and one from someone who lives in the area: picking blackberries.


You know what I'm gonna say - I can't wait to join these parties with you!!

Posted by: mie on March 26, 2003 11:27 PM

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