aku-aku: v.. To move a tall, flat bottomed object (such as a bookshelf) by swiveling it alternatively on its corners in a "walking" fashion. [After the book by Thor Heyerdahl theorising the statues of Easter Island were moved in this fashion.] source: LangMaker.com. Aku Aku also has another meaning to the islanders: a spiritual guide.
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minimal compact
Posted by dav at 2003 April 18 10:44 PM
File under: Thoughts

I've been out of town all week, on a rather important business trip that I may or may not blog aboutlater (I'm not sure I want to connect my professional life to my personal life here). The trip was to Saint Louis and it went very well.

I want to give a shout out to a great artspace/cafe I happened upon and spent quite a few hours in. It is called The Commonspace and is located near the University of Missouri at Saint Louis campus. Free wi-fi and good conversation.

Before I left on the trip I printed out a copy of Adam Greenfield's "The minimal compact: An open-source constitution for post-national states". It turned out to be an inspiring manifesto calling for the creation of a new constitution for a virtual nation. A constitution that is based in spirit and in structure on the Open Source Software movement. A fascinating idea. I passed it on to my friend David Danzig. He was a housemate of mine in Durham, NC while he was earning his law degree from Duke University, and favored consitutional law studies so I look forward to hearing his opinion on this proposal.


Thanks for stopping by The Commonspace while you were in St. Louis!

President, The Commonspace

Posted by: Brian Marston on October 3, 2003 03:44 PM

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