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ben hammersley on liquid meth
Posted by dav at 2003 May 25 07:32 PM
File under: Dreams

I took a long afternoon nap today, brought on by a dire lack of sleep in the last few days. I dreamt that I was at Burning Man hanging out in a large tent with Ben Hammersley, Niobe from Matrix 2: Reloaded, some jumpy guy who looked kinda like Johnny Knoxville and an odd little kid. It had been snowing, which would be just a weird dream thing since we were in the desert, but the weather gets weird at Burning Man so I wasn't too surprised. The Johnny Knoxville guy was acting really tweaked out and Ben was sitting down on a couch spacily watching a sci-fi movie called Cousceau 2000 on a television. I sat down by Ben and asked him if that guy was OK and Ben explained that the dude was alright, he had just taken too much "liquid methamphetimine" and indicated a half-empty gallon milk jug filled with a clear liquid. I asked him what it was like, and Ben replied "It's like 30 decibels in my ears at 120 BPM, thump! thump! thump!" I asked him if I could try some and he asked me if I wanted the "O.E. or S.E. variety" and that's when I woke up.

I'm not even sure if "liquid methamphetimine" is a real drug, and have no idea what special properties the O.E. or S.E. varieties might have.

After waking I wondered if I dreamt about Ben Hammersley because I was supposed to write up a couple of sections for his new O'Reilly book Weblog Hacks for over a month now and had kept procrastinating. I described parts of the dream and that potential analysis to some people on the #infoanarchy irc channel and they told me the book got cancelled! I hope slack ass blog hackers who had been slow to cough up the goods didn't have anything to do with that.


Cancelled but not dead: Book of Blog.

Perhaps my encouragement will get you working :-), you've got tons of cool geogeeking (to use your word) going on.

Posted by: Michael Fagan on May 25, 2003 07:50 PM

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