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george w bush, b movie slasher president
Posted by dav at 2003 May 1 04:22 PM
File under: News

Someone emailed me a copy of George W. Bush's resume (if it were written by someone else anyhow, as most resumes aren't so forthcoming about their subject's faults). It pointed out most of the typical stuff, but one item in it was interesting to me. It lists Bush as a producer for a "hollywood slasher B movie".

With a little google searching I found this: The Talent Show

During the 2000 debates, Bush claimed that he's "been standing up to Big Hollywood", but apparently he forgot about all the shitty movies he helped fund during the 80's :

George W. Bush, who rails against the "pervasiveness of violence" in Hollywood, served for a decade on the board of a company that financed more than two dozen R-rated movies, including one in which a hitchhiker rips a young woman's body in two.

I remember that movie, The Hitcher. It was really bad and gory. Of course Bush denies having anything to do with the movie. Much like he denies insider trading knowledge even though he was on the board of director's audit committee of a failed oil company.

I just don't get it. Remember all the crap Clinton had to go through? People, well Republicans I guess, dug up everything they could throw at him. Bush has left a smoking trail of bad decisions, corruption and damage in his wake yet you never hear about any of it in the traditional media. I guess this might be what people mean by the disappearance of the Democratic party, but to me it seems more like the disappearance of investigative political journalism. I mean seriously, can you imagine if Clinton had been on the board of the film company that is best known for bringing the first R rated movies to Disney or had been involved in such a suspicious insider trading move? Either would have caused media frenzies that would have dragged on for months! It's like I'm living in Bizarro America.


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