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Understanding Aspect Oriented Programming
Posted by dav at 2003 June 18 07:10 AM
File under: Geek

A couple of weeks ago I ran across an excellent weblog posting about Aspect Oriented Programming which presented a clear and concise explanation including java source examples. I just now had great difficulty locating again when I wanted to pass it on to my co-workers, so I'm posting it here to make it easier to find if I should want to do so again: Understanding AOP.

In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up looks like a quality java blog site, by the way, although I've finally found a blog with a name and URL as bad as mine.


Hey, I've been reading up on blogging, and it's quite interesting. I saw some sites on how to begin, but wanted to know, did you create your own blogging program or did you use something already created? You and Sean's. I'm interested in blogging, how do I create my own, without having to use someone else's program (so they don't have access/control to my site)?

Thanks for the any info you can give me. Plus - have a great time with Mie!

PS - Ellen and I are looking into creating our own spa software. I can give you some sites that show the elements we're interested in and what we'd want it to do. Her brother is a programmer and says it would be easy to create the program we want and he'd do it for us for free, but if you could do it, we'd be willing to barter services, then we can give you and Mie services at our spa. Imagine getting your foot massaged, getting a back massage and even regular facials for you and Mie. Think about it and let's talk when you get back (if you have time). See ya soon.


Posted by: Toni Tran on June 21, 2003 12:37 PM

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