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cosmetic eyelid modification
Posted by dav at 2003 July 20 03:32 PM
File under: Strange

Asian (maybe just Japanese?) girls are using a poking tool and glue to alter the shape of their eyelids in order to achieve a "double lid" effect. Apprently a double lid is considered more attractive.

single lid

double lid

Read about it at pineapplemonade


Yeah, I actually saw someone put on the plastic glue strip on the train while sitting next to me. I did my best not to stare, but I was fascinated...it's very strange but many women do their entire makeup routine on the train...even down to gluing their eyelids! But with what is called puchiseikei (petite plastic surgery) that is cheap and quick, many MANY Japanese are getting their eyelids 'fixed.' Even kids.

Too bad there are so many western models who cover the fashion magazines here instead of Japanese. No wonder women dye their hair brown, snip and cut to look more foreign, and more recently, get breast implants. I think this is a phenomena around much of Asia too...

: (

Posted by: mie on July 20, 2003 09:47 PM

Give me single-lidded small-breasted black-haired Japanese women any day of the week. Keepin' it real! (attempts to make gangster hand sign, fails miserably)

Posted by: Shaun on July 24, 2003 05:47 AM

Thank you for your link! I just noticed it now. The double lid phenomenon is very strong among highschool kids.. so much that it's not considered discrimination when someone says that his/her type of girl/boy would have double lids.

Posted by: yuki on July 27, 2003 03:43 AM

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