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a bafoon (sic) responds
Posted by dav at 2004 January 30 07:17 PM
File under: Thoughts

A few days ago Michael Moore's open letter endorsing General Wesley Clark hit an email list I'm on. Today a member of that list forwarded a response to Moore's letter, written by someone on a different mailing list. The response was in the form of a Word document attachment. Since sending a Word attachment is a bad idea for people in Microsoft environments as they can contain malicious code, I took the liberty of converting it to HTML and posting it here in all its breathless misspelled ranting glory.

Here's an excerpt. The response comments are in bold interspersed with Moore's original text:

7. He will cut the Pentagon budget,HMMMM Didnt Slick Willie do this every year during the 90s and claim that he cut the size of government? Are we sure we want any more of these DRAKONIAN CUTS? use the money thus saved for education and health care, SO $540 BILLION is not enough? What exactly would be? If there is a figure that would qualify as enough please specify. One would think that one third of the budget would be enough but perhaps Im mistaken. and he will STILL make us safer than we are now. Only the former commander of NATO could get away with such a statement.The man who single handedly murdered over 2000 Serb civillians from the air!

I'd really love to take the time to go over this rant and annotate it with links to the various logical fallacies employed and factual errors , but really what's the point.


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