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Posted by dav at 2004 March 16 12:02 PM
File under: Events

The South By Southwest Interactive Festival is winding down now. It's been, like most conferences I'm lucky enough to attend, a great event thick with smart people and their smart ideas both on and off the stage. And, like usual, I've been too occupied with soaking up as much of those ides via sessions and conversations to log much of it.

I'll just run down a list of items here and hopefully I can come back and fill in more details when I return to San Francisco.

  • making a business with free/OSS software
  • John Perry Barlow and Danah's loft part Saturday night.
  • Virgina Postrel's aesthetics of design
  • Turning blogging into a business (a weblogsinc.com infomercial)
  • Red vs Blue Machinima
  • Moveon.org's keynote
  • Theresa's VoterVirgin.com One Minute Keynote: Eveyobody's Doing It In '04!
  • Emergent Democracy
  • Fray Day at Red Eyed Fly
  • Indie Movie Video on Demand
  • Mie's panel (which I didn't attend, but I hear it was very popular)
  • Copyright and Film
  • Howard Rheingold
  • Aesthetics of Social Networks
  • Multiplayer Mobile Online Gaming (wherein Justin spontaneously gives props to Paul)
  • EFF party at El Sol y La Luna
  • Bloggie Awards (wherein Six Apart and BoingBoing sweep)
  • Good conversations with Kevin of EFF
  • Grouphug.us (great off-the-cuff presentation, my notes are here
  • Bruce Sterling's State of the World 2003 Rant. Go, Bruce, go! [1|2] I'm extremely bummed I had to fly back to San Francisco and miss his party.
  • Friendster dude's Keynote
  • http://forecasting.tstc.edu/
  • Bill Hicks (who should have read som Howard Bloom)

Update: here are the photos I took with my new Canon G5 camera, the ones that came out sorta OK despite my new-user fumblings anyhow...


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