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your future as a black hole
Posted by dav at 2004 June 11 11:49 PM
File under: Thoughts

Tonight I attended another excellent seminar presented by the Long Now Foundation. This one was given by Bruce Sterling, entitled The Singularity: Your Future as a Black Hole.

In his typical contrarian style he laid out the hype about the coming singularity predicted by futurist think tanks (whom he likens to listless cults) and then tore it apart with a dismissive sneer. It was a beefy talk; here's some of the highlights I can recall:

  • What if we can crank our posthuman intelligence to an 8000 IQ, might we not find it incredibly dull, or worse yet might we be completely stricken with shame of our past imbecilic actions?
  • There have been three singularities already. Events that irrevocably changed everything. 1) The Atom Bomb. 2) d-lysergic acid diethylamide. 3) Computer viruses.
  • He doubts that AI will ever achieve "intelligence". It's a bad metaphor driven by
    anthropomorphic conceit.
  • If a ruling body wanted to prevent the singularity, one of the best ways to do it would be to begin attacking science.
  • There's are only a couple of dozen futurists really leading the "movement" worldwide, they would be easy to round up and incarcerate.
  • Perhaps enhanced human intelligence would be like LSD that actually worked, and even for more than 8 hours.

Maybe I'll type in a few more as I remember them. Next month's seminar is entitled "Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence - A Necessarily Long-Term Strategy". Could get wacky!


RE: "Perhaps enhanced human intelligence would be like LSD that actually worked, and even for more than 8 hours."

What does "actually worked" mean? What's the objective? What would LSD have to do in his estimation to "work?"

Posted by: Sean on June 19, 2004 06:30 PM

I believe he meant actually expanded the mind into a new state, like from a transumanist point of view.

Posted by: Dav on June 19, 2004 06:37 PM

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