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hippie chick pie wagons
Posted by dav at 2004 July 26 07:05 PM
File under: News

USA Today, in what strikes me as a surprising move (but I quit reading that paper 10 years ago so I'm probably just out of touch), hired bleeding heart Michael Moore to cover the Republican National Convention and Ann "we should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity" Coulter to cover the Democratic National Convention. Unfortunately they weren't too happy with the first column she filed and fired her.

"Apparently," said Coulter, "USA Today doesn't like my 'tone,' humor, sarcasm, etc. etc., which raises the intriguing question of why they hired me to write for them in the first place. Perhaps they thought they were getting Catherine Coulter."

Her article is a pretty funny rant, especially with the interspersed USA today comments ("Not funny, I don't get it"). And compared to some of her other words, not atypical of her.
As for the pretty girls, I can only guess that it's because liberal boys never try to make a move on you without the UN Security Council's approval. Plus, it's no fun riding around in those dinky little hybrid cars. My pretty-girl allies stick out like a sore thumb amongst the corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing, hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie chick pie wagons they call "women" at the Democratic National Convention.

I think the ball is firmly in Michael Moore's court now.

By the way, this post is a blatant attempt to be the number one google return for "hippy chick pie wagon."


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