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hit in the head with a jelly doughnut
Posted by dav at 2004 August 20 10:17 AM
File under: Funny

In IRC today:

<paul> wow..get this...we have these defect meetings where all
the developers have to go over what defects they're working on
and status whatnot...basically they're pretty boring meetings...most of the time..
<paul> [name deleted] was in a meeting and this system
mgmt developer was getting grilled on all the defects his
program had..he was getting really pissed.
<paul> someone had brought in dounuts for the group, and this guy
must have hit some boiling point because he just grabbed a dounut and winged
it at a guy that was giving him a hard time.
<paul> then he just stormed out.
<paul> damn, i wish I had seen that.
<Jesse> wow
<dav> damn.
<paul> [name deleted] said everyone was silent for about 2 minutes after
he left...before someone said they should reschedule the meeting.
<dav> it takes a lot to get fired at ibm, but that could get ya
<paul> yeah, it was this morning, so I guess it'll take a couple
days to see what will happen.
<Jesse> throwing a donut
<paul> and he hit the guy right in the forehead.
<Jesse> still sane enough to throw accurately.
<jeff-b> man
<jeff-b> ha
<dav> was it a jelly doughnut?
<paul> heh, I don't know what I'd do if I got beaned with a dounut
<jeff-b> i'd stand up and upturn the table
<jeff-b> always wanted to do that
<dav> when i repeat this story, and i will, i'm gonna make it a jelly doughnut
<paul> not sure...what type it was..
<jeff-b> and when i repeat, i'll say the guy upturned the table
<jeff-b> man i love rumors
<Jesse> purple monkey dishwasher

Another funny/scary story and the rumors it spawned: A Mouthful of Nitrogen.


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