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the art of the start
Posted by dav at 2004 August 18 04:29 PM
File under: Geek

Mister "Don't Call Me Ito-san" Ito posted something about some new manifestos online, and there's no better summer reading than a good manifesto so I checked them out. The first one is called The Art of the Start by wizened veteran Guy Kawasiki. Pretty good reading if you're entrepreneurial minded. I was happy to see that most of his suggestions were close to my own beliefs about starting a venture, and I've only got one startup under my belt; maybe I'm, like, a prodigy!

But seriously, it's good reading. Especially as I prepare to leave my first startup and begin building a new venture. It's a pithy collection of do's, dont's and reasonings to use as a handy guide to making smart goals and achieving them.

I liked this part about soliciting criticism of your fledgling business model:

My final tip is that you ask women -- and only women. My theory is that deep in the DNA of men is a "killer" gene. This gene expresses itself by making men want to kill people, animals, and plants. To a large degree, society has repressed this gene; however, starting an organization whose purpose is to kill another organization is still socially acceptable.

Hence, asking a man about a business model is useless because every business model looks
good to someone with the Y chromosome. For example, Sun Microsystems wants to kill
Microsoft. When is the last time you bought a computer based on whom the manufacturer
wanted to kill?

Women, by contrast, dont have this killer gene. Thus, they are much better judges of the vi-
ability of a business model than men are. Dont agree with me? The book The Darwin Awards
provides irrefutable proof of womens greater common sense. These awards commemorate
"those individuals who have removed themselves from the gene pool in a sublimely idiotic

For example, in 1998 two construction workers fell to their demise after cutting a circular
hole in the floor while they were standing in the middle of the circle.13 The Darwin Awards
contains nine chapters about the stupidity of men, and one chapter about the stupidity of
women. I rest my case.

I'm not going argue with that.


OF COURSE you are a prodigy! You mean it took you UNTIL NOW to even suspect that? Well... THAT'S proof of female superiority right there!

Why do you think the cutest, smartest, nicest chicks in the world want to go get a slice of you, prodigy boy?
They can see your genius from a mile away!
Or was that your dashing good looks?
It's the whole package that counts, of course.

You rock, entrepreneur-in-residence and admirer of female judgment! Now, if only you took female advice as seriously when it's about throwing out broken tech junk and sorting your socks... ;)

Posted by: Eva on August 18, 2004 05:30 PM

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