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colorful b&w photos
Posted by dav at 2005 January 27 03:53 PM
File under: Art

Ezra mentioned some disturbing art on the walls at 111 Minna, so I stopped to check it out today. It was a photography exhibit, the bulk of which portrayed the colorful life of California punk rockers in classy black and white. Lots of inebriated moments involving bodily fluids, fresh stitches and nudity. Possibly the most disturbing of this genre was the man urinating in his own mouth (I decided not to take a camphone shot of that one).

It could have been my brother Marcus' photo album though, so I didn't find it all that shocking :)


I found one photo that looked like our housemate Toni:

And a couple of others I liked:


I think the one that made me flinch the most was a huge color shot of the posterior of a bloated cow in a state of rigor mortis lying on its side with an also dead calf-fetus behind it that appears to have been forcibly ejected from the womb. Whew. Just typing that made my eyes twitch. I didn't get a shot of it because I was afraid of getting busted by the gallery employees.

If you're in the mood for grim phototgraphy, hurry down to 111 Minna!


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