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Want to participate in Rails Day?
Posted by dav at 2005 May 15 11:06 AM
File under: Geek

Anyone interested in a day of geeking out? I'd like to participate in this even though I am under no illusion about placing well as I'm still a total n00b at RoR and Ruby. But it could be fun, and teams can be up to three people.

Rails Day 2005 - June 4th

Contest Details

The Rails Day project would like to thanks the following companies for supporting this contest. O'Reilly, Adaptive Path, Odeo, 37 Signals, The Pragmatic Programmers, Tobias Luetke, the Robot Co-op, Macromates, Ruby Central, Fingertips, Planet Argon and Textdrive have all helped enormously.
Official Rules

  1. Your application must be written in Ruby on Rails
  2. Your application must use MySQL
  3. Your application must be under a license where the code may be viewed by the general public (for inspiration and as a reference). The rest is up to you.
  4. Your application should be written totally within the 24 hour period. Photoshop comps, CSS and Javascript are included in this time.
  5. Only libraries installable via gem are allowed. However no gem that uses any of the components of rails is allowed.
  6. Up to 3 people are allowed to work on a single entry.
  7. You are allowed to dream up the idea before the competition you can also do paper mock-ups of database schemas and UIs. No digital mockups any more complex than a paper napkin drawing are allowed before the competition begins.
  8. The applications will all be hosted on the competition server. You will have 24 hours of subversion and ssh access to the server to upload and test your app.
  9. You must use subversion and checkin your work at least 12 times at various stages of development


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