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6 of 52: Potrero Past
Posted by dav at 2007 November 4 05:11 PM
File under: Art

This week I printed out five photos of Potrero Hill in the 1960's from the SF Public Library Historical Photograph Collection and mounted them on wooden signs. Then I placed the signs near the location of the photograph. I intended to shellac them to make them weatherproof, but I wasn't able to find the right sort of goop. I put some varnishy stuff over the photos but they probably are only going to last a week or so with that.

Is this art? I'm not sure to be honest. I like it though.

I used the following five photos:

6 of 52: Potrero Past

6 of 52: Potrero Past

6 of 52: Potrero Past

6 of 52: Potrero Past


Very cool! It'll be one of those things that people accidentally stumble upon... Definitely thought provoking! Is it art? Who cares? : )

Posted by: Thomas on November 5, 2007 06:00 AM

I wouldn't say this project qualifies as art - but a super cool idea regardless! Who wouldn't be interested in seeing their hood's history? Very thoughtful little project indeed...

Posted by: Ele on November 5, 2007 06:29 AM

I suppose why I still felt this qualified for one of the 52 things is that it's still somewhat creative. My purpose in the 52 things project was to force myself to come up with ideas and then execute them. I'm pretty happy with this one, whatever it is.

Posted by: dav on November 5, 2007 08:00 AM

I'd say it certainly qualifies as creative.

There's a Durham blogger that does something very similar to this, though he posts the historical and current pics on his blog and not at the actual spots.

I can spend hours on this site looking at the "then and now" pictures of Durham.


Posted by: Paul on November 7, 2007 01:21 PM

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