aku-aku: v.. To move a tall, flat bottomed object (such as a bookshelf) by swiveling it alternatively on its corners in a "walking" fashion. [After the book by Thor Heyerdahl theorising the statues of Easter Island were moved in this fashion.] source: LangMaker.com. Aku Aku also has another meaning to the islanders: a spiritual guide.
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38 of 52: A Goose Dreaming of Moose Juice
Posted by dav at 2008 August 11 09:02 AM
File under: Art

Mie's nephew Tyler brought out some Dr. Seuss books this weekend while we were having a paint the RV day in Alameda. He pointed out a particular passage in Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book that he liked:

A moose is asleep. He is dreaming of moose drinks.
A goose is asleep. He is dreaming of goose drinks.
That's well and good when a moose dreams of moose juice.
And nothing goes wrong when a goose dreams of goose juice.
But it isn't too good when a moose and a goose
Start dreaming they're drinking the other one's juice.
Moose juice, not goose juice, is juice for a moose.
And goose juice, not moose juice, is juice for a goose.
So, when goose gets a mouthful of juices of mooses
And moose gets a mouthful of juices of gooses
They always fall out of their beds screaming screams
So, I'm warning you, now! Never drink in your dreams.

I thought it odd that the otherwise adventurous Seuss was so conservative in dream juice segregation. I mean, come on, fall out of your bed screaming screams just because you drank the wrong juice? Doubtful. I decided to draw a goose dreaming of moose juice on the RV.

A Goose Dreaming of Moose Juice


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